BR starts in playlists

I like the gameplay and playlists.
But I don’t like starting without a BR in BTB, quickplay, FFA and Team Slayer.
Please consider adding BR starts for those playlists.
I don’t like playing ranked arena. It’s frustrating to see the rank go down so I rather play unranked playlists especially since there is SBMM.


please no…Battle rifle is so restrictive to movement and makes the game too slow IMO.


I’d like to see at least 1 non-ranked playlist use BR starts. Doesn’t makes sense to not have 1 in order to warm up for ranked.


Son… It’s not gonna hurt you having BTB to be BR because it needs to be… Ar and pistol suck in that bs.

Plus it wouldn’t hurt if they added a BR slayer playlist lmao. YOu don’t have to play it… while us chad BR users are forced to play your garbo.


There is: tactical slayer.

No that’s swat - not the same at all. It’s a different type of fun anyway.

@Jovial - would be nice to have BR starts in other places. Stinks playing ranked with people on the opposite side of the skill spectrum just because ranked is the only place with BR starts.


Ranked gametypes: BR start
Social gametypes: AR and sidekick

I dont want the BR as a start weapon in social gamemodes


That’s hardly considered warm up for Ranked tho. SWAT is more like warm up for Call of Duty.


Oh, a thread discussing AR and BR starts…that’s new :neutral_face:

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Tactical slayer hahahahahahahaha.

hey son…it isn’t going to hurt to pick up that battle rifle or another weapon either. BTB is more understandable but then again we should probably just be allowed to select from multiple weapons in an improved big team battle at this point…

why are super soldiers hitting the battlefield hindered in such a way at all?
Arena should be more standard starts.
Big Team Battle should be more open…even your precious BR isn’t the way to go son…

weapon racks at bases should have abundance of weapons and even vehicles at start.

Warm up for ranked = running 25 tier 3 BR drills

But these “social modes” have SBMM apparently and I see others saying these modes are “sweaty”. I don’t think it’s fun or “social” at all in that case and spawning with AR and sidekick makes it worse.

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Soon hopefully. AR starts literally gate keeps people out of the game that hate the chaotic Low skill ceiling randomness it creates.

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Would OP rather us start with the SMG and Sidekick as a callback to Halo 2?

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Obviously not because I’m asking for BR starts. -.-

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Why BR starts tho? The Battle Rifle is supposed to be a mid-tier power-weapon.

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There is Tactical Slayer and Ranked. If they dont like AR / Sidekick start, there is an alternative.
Honestly, i dont think that the player base is dropping because of AR / Sidekick start in social. There are far more issues that keep player away from halo inifnite.

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My entire halo friend group only plays ranked, and only a few times a week at most. Their exact words are that they hate AR starts. This is not an uncommon sentiment.

Most of the people I know personally and have played with online for over a decade hate AR starts and have stopped playing Infinite for one reason or another.

Tactical slayer is a poor example, most people don’t like SWAT in general, and it plays very poorly in this game due to the map layouts and desync.

So that leaves one playlist, and everyone I know is already onyx in it so they don’t get to play casually. They’re matching pros And big name streamers etc more than they match Timmy the new kid.


It’s the most balanced BR in the series, almost every weapon in the game kills faster than it does right now. The AR and Sidekick kill almost a half second faster in fact. The BR is an all range capable weapon that has a moderate ttk, making it an ideal starting weapon.