BR Start In Socials

Why can’t we have one playlist for social BRs quickplay, and one for ARs? Some people like the AR, some people like the BR. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Leaving every single other factor out except for personal preference, there isn’t really any excuse as to why we can’t have both.

And before I get the idiots that say “tHeReS bRs iN tEaM sLaYeR!!!”,
That’s great and all, but I don’t want to play 4 matches with AR start and then finally get one with a BR. Then repeat. Not to mention, being confined to strictly Team Slayer.

So? Literally copy and paste the one playlist you have right now, but everyone starts with BRs instead…


Before another idiot makes another posts about “bR sTaRtS iN sOcIaLs” thinking that there are no real reasons for not having 2 of each playlists…
Look at the low player numbers and understand why 343i will not make a BR start playlist and a AR start playlist for the same game mode.

We don’t even have a permanent objective playlist because of these low player counts.


I love the idea of having a BR playlist with radar. :sauropod:


heres a crazy idea. start with both. choosing one or the other is like saying you only want to throw power punches or jabs in boxing. its much more interesting when you find opportunities for both and its ok if you prefer one weapon over the other.


Or… You ready? BR AND AR STARTS. Remove sidekick, it has no place in the franchise


I’m in a region where I already can’t get games of team slayer outside of peak hours.

I’d rather that they freshen up the team slayer playlist to offer a few more BR starts rather than dividing the players even further.

playlist wise I would really love to see this, though I don’t think id be returning for it alone without the desync fix to make it playable. Always felt like a mistake not to have BTB with BR start, but 0 social BR start is doubling down on a bad call.

I’d rather not split the playerbase so hard. We can try after Season 3 though.

There is no good reason not to have Social BR starts.

Social precision starts have literally always been very popular for good reason no matter how much precision haters stick their heads in the sand.

If the argument is about “population” then its just as easy to suggest that the population is bad precisely because the game lacks basic settings like precision starts.

I would also point out that currently the ranked settings are closer to “core” Halo mechanics with consistent item spawns than social with its random weapon and vehicle spawns and especially the lack of precision starts in BTB(which again have literally always been popular and the BTB default for a reason.)

So telling people to “go play ranked” is also an utterly toothless response. No one should have to play ranked to get bog basic Halo settings like precision starts and consistent spawns. The constant attempts to pigeonhole precision starts into this solely competitive sweaty affair is and has always been ahistorical drivel.

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There is no good reason to have exclusively Social BR starts either. Mix of both is best and keeps the playlist form being stale same game after same game.

Slow updates? Bad networking? No player collision? Strict SBMM in casual playlists? Nothing but 3 laned map? BTB not working for a month? No forge for a year? No progression system? Challenge only based XP system? Small pool of playlists for months? No custom games support for a year? Theater not working? M&K being neglected for a year? Random weapon placements on maps? Nade spam because there is no friendly fire? Cheaters with their hacks? No firefight or online PvE mode?

But sure, tell yourself the population is this low precisely because you did not get BR starts and it’s just easy to say.

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I agree. As for the player population argument, I wouldn’t add a BR team slayer and AR team slayer on top of everything. Rather, some playlists need to be changed or removed entirely and then replaced. It doesn’t make sense to me that Quickplay has objective modes in the first place, much less there is an objective mode in rotation, and we have a standard team slayer which is also featured in quickplay too. Team Slayer should be quickplay, just like how team deathmatch functions as quickplay in every other game.

So my suggestion would be to first, remove the objective playlist from rotation. We already have objective modes in current quickplay. It is redundant to have both. Replace objective playlist with something else more unique to fill the gap.

Second, replace the current iteration of quickplay entirely with just Team Slayer with randomized AR and BR starts. Quick jump-in, shoot stuff with whatever you’re given, leave the game mode. No objectives. That’s what Quickplay should be.

Third, Split the quickplay playlist modes and the objective playlist modes in two and place each one into an AR start playlist or a BR start playlist. Whatever fits better between maps and modes. For example in AR Start the modes would be Attrition, oddball, and King of the Hill, while BR Start gets CTF, Land Grab, and Strongholds. I feel like this split would help cater to the strengths of each playlist, give players what they want, and not take up any more playlists. I feel it wouldn’t hurt the player population too much as we wouldn’t lose anything or be spread too thin, since mode redundancy is removed.

Of course this isn’t perfect. In my example if a player wanted AR start CTF, then I’m sorry you can’t have it, there’s only BR start CTF, but at least the mode is still around there. But normally when people feel an urge to play a certain mode, they don’t really think about what weapon they start with. They want to play the mode, scratch their itch, and move on. It should funnel players into specific playlists for the modes they wish. And for the people who have starts in priority over modes, they’ll still have their funnel into one playlist.

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I didn’t suggest removing AR starts from the game entirely, even if I do believe they offer nothing of value. Dedicated playlists or match composer are necessary no matter what.

Also please show me where I suggested the lack of social BR starts are somehow the sole reason for the low population. My only point was that claiming you can’t add new settings due to “population” concerns is nonsense when much of Infinite’s problems can be attributed to a lack of basic features exactly like the ones you listed. The issues you listed only reinforce my point that holding back on reintroducing/fixing basic features(including social BRs) due to “population” concerns would be absurd.

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Lack of features and playlists absolutely contributed to the exodus of players but it doesn’t automatically mean that once these things are added that the players will return. That’s just not the reality of the situation that the game is in right now. It’s currently suffering from a lack of players in many locations and decisions about what to change going forward need to be made with that reality in mind.

I’d love to have more playlists that are all well populated. I don’t think that will happen just by adding more playlists, considering many of the existing playlists are already short on players.

No one addition is going to lead to a sudden enormous influx of regular players, you could fix all outstanding problem and it still wouldn’t guarantee players return. That is not an excuse for inaction.

If adding a popular, foundational Halo social gametype setup and the accompanying playlist or filters to facilitate it is enough to somehow cause a deaths spiral, then this game is toast and there is absolute no merit in doing anything but the bare minimum to keep the lights on until a new Halo game comes out. The game is dead.

We could also just as easily switch to universal AR/BR starts for social, as far as I’m concerned that’s the best of both worlds and literally who cares about the sidekick, but precision haters would burst a blood vessel.

Once again, I’ve yet to see any real justification for why social BR starts shouldn’t exist. Just lots of fearmongering about population or pretending precision starts are solely a competitive sweaty experience.

How about fixing outstanding problems that don’t involve splitting the player base even further and then see how it goes from there? If 343i manages to get some players back on board, then changes like breaking down playlists to create more options is a logical next step. If the players don’t come back regardless then you are right the game is dead, or at least dying a slow death.

Implementing a proper match composer would help by allowing more game types without forcing people to jump between playlists just to find a game but I’m not sure that’s coming anytime soon, or even at all.

Again if somethiing that basic is enough to somehow damage the game the game isn’t worth saving. There is no either or here, this isn’t a “nice to have” its a more than 20 year old setup that should be in the game and should have been in the game to begin with, its on par with not having a dedicated slayer playlist.

Even ignoring a proper playlist there should be a basic filters for BR or AR start the same way there also ought to be toggles for crossplay or control type.

But again there is no actual evidence adding this popular option would damage the game so its still just fearmongering.

Too many playlists and too few players. In my opinion:

  • Remove second BTB playlist (just one)

  • Remove Playlist Fiesta and put the mode in a social playlist along with other funny modes

  • remove quick play

  • remove playlist for new map (the pit)

  • Modify Social Slayer: Only AR, no secondary.

  • Add Slayer S-Pro: BR start, no secondary, radar on, forge maps)

to hide behind too few players without acknowledging that they ALL left because of desync and that has not even begun the fixing process is a bit odd. Player numbers cant really be the design focus, it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and you end up with a repeat of the season1-3 flop cycle. The fact of the matter is that if the core game was stable the playerbase would be back to stressing servers in a heartbeat. The problem is that people will only return hearing “its fixed” to see it still running rampant so many times, and 343I has burnt so so many bridges there already launching forge and CGB ontop of a foundation of desync ensured a large number would not be returning anytime soon.

Id love social to be BR and AR starts. The sidekick can be fun to use but I think BR/AR would play better all round in the social playlists.

I would love to be able to play BR starts in a list other than ranked. I really dislike AR/magnum starts but playing ranked only can be boring.