BR reticle is huge

I find the size of the br reticle in the trailer very strange. When compared to halo 3 and 2, the reticle is clearly much larger. Does this mean greater spread?


Halo 4

Halo 3

Halo 2

I hope it doesn’t stay that way. I can already imagine the threads ranting about people sticking blu tack in the middle of it to help their aim.

And if it’s an indicator of the amount of spread the gun has, shoot me now.

It may mean greater spread, but it also might not mean anything. We’re not completely sure if that’s the final reticule which will be used in the final build of the game. Things like that can be easily changed.

Could be a place holder.

Yes, I would think so. I think this may be their substitute for bloom

I didn’t notice that at first, but it does raise some concern. If the reticle is that big, it could represent the spread of the BR (Which I really, really hope isn’t that wide).

It only looks a little larger to me. It might be the new shape as well.

No, it’s alpha, most likely will change, the reticle itself is ugly.

just a placeholder, the early build reticules look like crap in almost every game.


It’s probably an optical illusion. If you extend the lines in the Halo 4 cross hair a little, the circle would (almost) look like the same size as Halo 2/3.

Plus their could be differences in resolution and some other factors.