BR Recoil is a GOOD thing

Let me start buy saying I love halo and ive been playing since halo 2 and ive played every game thus far…Now I could’ve picked any topic to nitpick at or whine about but this is the one that get’s to me the most. The BR’s recoil matter is a huge turning point for alot of halo players to some it’s good other’s…not so much…I myself don’t particularly care if it’s going to destroy the Br or improve it I dont like it that much myself and I know there is more than one gun in the game.Now I let me ask you something…Why do you think people loved halo 3’s BR so much? Because it had no recoil/bloom,minimal bullet spread,it was effective at every range,and it took 4-5 burst’s to kill a person.The BR in simple term’s was just to easy to use and anyone could be good with it.When reach came around they introduced bloom to the weapon’s a step in the right direction but not the best thing for all weapon’s.Recoil will hopefully be that extra little touch that makes halo perfect.This is just my view on the matter…If it makes the weapon more difficult to use without utterly rendering it useless I think it’ll add another layer of skill to the weapon.Please list your opinion’s im eager to hear

I’m just glad it isn’t bloom. I would have raged if the BR had bloom.

me to

> I’m just glad it isn’t bloom. I would have raged if the BR had bloom.

God, the thought of that is horrible. Pacing shots with the BR would be too strange.

Im fine with it .
And from the videos it looks very minimum / and its 1000000% better then Bloom

bloom and recoil are really different reach was kind of a prototype for halo 4 just think of it that way :3

It’s a much better idea than massive amounts of spread that lead to nothing but randomness

Yeah better than bloom and spread. And it’s hitscan :smiley:

I like the idea of the recoil mechanic b/c its predictable. So no competitive types that I do sympathize with can say this gun is random.

That’s why its better than bloom. H2 introduced recoil with the smgs and I had that down to where there was NO noticeable muzzle climb within a few games. That’s whats great about recoil. You know it’s coming and exactly at what rate of climb and you can negate it; or alternately, you can work WITH it cleaning up kills by aiming at the chest and letting recoil drive up to the headshot.

also hitscan

Recoil is 100 times better than bloom, and it’s controllable. :smiley:

I completely agree with your post. Recoil is much better than bloom because you can actually control it, and not have it control you.