BR power level?

Of course we know that the Battle Rifle is a 4 shot kill, and that each shot consists of 3 bullets. However, most people probably don’t know that the Battle Rifle is an 11 bullet kill. This was to help the BR be a 4 shot kill, considering hit registration errors. Now that we will have dedicated servers in Halo 5, do you think that the Battle Rifle will need to be an 11 bullet kill, or will 343 change it to a 12 bullet kill? What are your thoughts.

No I don’t think, now we have a lot of movement abilities to dodge bullets or get out of combat

BR power level

my thoughts? that’s a dangerous question…

considering from all the copious amounts of gameplay i have observed the spread on the BR is relatively tight, and it’-Yoink!- scan so missing bullets will be harder, anyone who can aim reliably will not notice the difference at medium range, but making it a “12hk” over 11 will make it trade worse at longer ranges that the DMR is designed for making it usable at long range but not preferable.

on top of this the power of automatic weapons at close range cements the BR as a mid range utility weapon and the definite upgrade from the pistol. I always find myself shouting in my mind when someone with an AR and pistol drop the AR for a BR, then dies at close range to someone with an AR… if only they kept the AR and swapped the pistol!