BR or DMR? Which one is better?

Thoughts? In terms of power, i can safely say the DMR is better and BR in terms of fire rate, however, it seems whenever i am killed by the DMR and look in the replay, the DMR has little to no recoil, anyone else?

dmr because the br is very inconsistent unzoomed at medium range

I use the Battle Rifle because if you know how to use it, you best those noobs using the DMR.

DMR, I played more Reach than 3, and I’m not near as consistent with the BR as I was in Halo 2.

I prefer DMR, for these reasons.

  • DMR is more effective at medium-long range

  • Recoil is significantly more for the BR

  • DMR does have more Bloom, which is a negative, so you cant shoot it as fast at range

  • All the pros already say DMR is much better

Note: At closer range BR will beat DMR, due to the fire rate, but I usually pull out my magnum at close range and spam it for the kill :slight_smile:

PS: 343 add SWAT and then we will know for sure!!

I personally prefer BR, deadly when used correctly.