BR League (New H5) *Read

Sometime after the Forge update BR League will be launched. BR League will throw the best BR users at each other. It will be a new Halo competitive custom game type for Halo 5. If things go smoothly, BR League may transition over to MCC but one step at a time. BR League will start off as a solo competition will available ranks showing the overall best BR users. When the BR League community grows to a decent size teams will be incorporated into the league with similar ranks. Rules will be explained later down the road and all maps will be BR League Official maps created with the use of Forge. This forum is a post to the community to announce the arrival of BR League. Follow on twitter for updates @BRLeague15. Please share to spread the word of this league and if you are interested in either participating in the league, being a BRLeague ranker, or a BRLeague map creator you can contact me on the BRLeague twtter page, my personal email ( or on Xbox live GT- IIII LLIIL LLL