BR halo 4

Sup its me I just want to say first that halo 4 looks sweet, but can 343 PLEASE change the scope on the BR its like a square type of thing as seen here

please make the scope like the best Br scope in my opinion from halo 2
thanks, keep up the good work on halo 4 :=)

I agree, i much prefer the scope to be circular rather than a square

I prefer a circular scope but if it remains a square I wouldn’t really care

Either way works for me as long as its precision idc.

Guess how much difference it makes.

Good guess. NONE.

By the way, this is in the Polling Booth section, and doesn’t have a poll.

I think the new scope is better, since it feels more futuristic and would enable a whole new level of tactical data (digital display) compared to the optical one (just a simple lens). Let the weapons evolve, after all we play on screens that are far from circular and hence a square-shaped scope makes even more sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks better imo

More detailed and advanced
seeing this take play in far future.

Visually I prefer the round scope but for practical useage a square one makes more sense. As has been said, it fits the monitor better and u can potentially see more info. If my memory serves me correctly the snipe is square and that feels nice…
I’d still vote round though because it gives a nicer feel IMO

I think it looks pretty badass.

I kinda like the square scope. But H3’s BR scope looked cooler than H2’s

The square one looks like it’s actually something from the future. You know, because Halo is in the FUTURE?

Anyways, if they put the Halo 2 scope on I wouldn’t mind because that actually looks more like a scope than the Halo 3 BR scope.

The Halo 3 BR in general looked like a toy to me.

I really don’t mind it.