BR Getting Nerfed

So I went out and checked out the weapon balancing blog post from a few days ago and saw the BR will be getting a nerf.

IMO it plays perfect at the moment and needs no nerf.

If anything sidekick desperately needs one. A sidearm should not have a better TTK than an AR, BR or Commando.

With how OP the sidekick is, Infinite is Halo 5 just with a different art style.


I think giving the sidekick more bloom would be a good nerf to it, since I’m usually getting beamed from long ranges by it. Should be used more as an up-close finisher.

Disagree about the BR being perfect. I’m constantly getting perfect hipfire four-bursts from across the map with it.


I was kind of expecting a much bigger backlash. And not this late.

I think most proponents of the BR accept it’s a bit OP. Particularly at a distance.

And the blow has been softened with the buff to the commando and the introduction of a DMR.

So I think people are being quite accepting to the change.

As for the sidekick. Maybe? 343 have obviously been reviewing their telemetry. The sidekick appears to be functioning as planned. Whatever that is.


The only nerf to the BR is to aim assist which is a good thing, it had way too much to begin with. I still think the BR’s TTK is still too slow amongst other things, but reducing the aim assist needed to happen eventually. The Infinite BR while not “OP” was still flawed, its just the sandbox needs a way bigger overhaul than what is currently planned.

I will never understand some peoples obsession with making human handguns useless. The Sidekick is already an unreliable high bloom trash that is only good as spamming at close range and praying for headshots. God forbid you occasionally die to the pistol while they play reloading simulator with it.

Its utterly laughable to whine about how “OP” the Halo 5 Magnum was while saying the incredibly easy to use Infinite BR needed no changes. The Sidekick is not a utility weapon like the BR or H5 magnum just because it has a good minimum TTK.

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I think people have forgotten what a hand cannon the magnum was.

It was brutal in close - and you could still pick off targets at a distance (especially when zoomed).

I loved it.

But don’t miss it.

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A’ight so that’s one way to tell us you don’t play Ranked at all.

So the magnum was perfectly fine in 5, for starters.

But frankly if the sidekick was adjusted downwards any more, I’d rather they just remove it from the game. It’s a pure lottery cannon beyond 10m, and Hel, even AT 10m sometimes.

Sidekick needs less bloom + more recoil.


I love how the BR feels now. I’ll wait to hold judgement until after the update to test it out. I just hope this doesn’t affect landing shots consistently. I remember back in Halo 5 343 attempted to add randomness to the BR shots. I hope this is not the case for Halo Infinite.

Almost too perfect. It shouldn’t be so easy to use at long range. I miss the days of H3 where long distance BRing was a skill.

The Infinite BR is a bit too much of a laser, I’m glad its getting a nerf.


That and no one uses any other guns in the first place. Really all of the balancing changes was stuff I was looking for. Getting the non-power weapons on an even playing field so it is up to personal preference. I still feel like the sidekick needs to be nerfed but I’ll wait and see how the new commando plays out.

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The Magnum in Halo 5 Guardians was not fine. It had high aim assist, zero bloom, zero recoil and was a laser. All the weapons were guilty of this but the Magnum was too good to where skill ceiling wasn’t high on top of it having a faster slide to even firing out of sprint faster with Magnun than any other weapon in the game. The weapon pushed to use for rank took very little skill at all. I’m glad the Sidekick replaced it.

The Sidekick I agree needs more recoil and less bloom but it still takes far more skill. The Magnum in Guardians was broken and it makes sense why it didn’t return. That weapon was stupid all around with how easy it was to use. Less said about Guardians the better. That game is forgotten and it killed Halo in both ranked and casual play.


They should remove BR in ranked and fix the Commando, on top of bringing in new maps that actually work for 4v4. The BR has ruined the Halo sandbox since Halo 2 and I’m frankly tired of people defending it because it broke what made CE special; ttk disparity between average and perfect. The BR ruined that and simplified the utility weapon and to this day no one can balance it in the sandbox. Not even Bungie got it right. It needs to die.

Sounds like a certain weapon featured in all Halos except for CE and Reach.

Lo and behold it’s also getting nerfed in Infinite.



The Bandit is basically the same, just has a faster RoF and more bloom. You’re gonna’ be real disappointed real soon.

This I agree with though. Glad we BOTH agree it needs less bloom and more recoil. People will still get lasered if it’s more recoil dependent, but that’s fine because… well that’s player skill.

I will say though, EVERY gun had crazy AA in 5, because of the stupid movement mechanics.

What weapon is that?

Edit: Nvm I figured it out. It’s the BR.


I would debate it wasn’t that easy. You could see a difference in how good someone’s shot was in 5. It also helps h5 had thruster as a spawn ability

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theyre reducing aim assist. it will feel like an inbetween of the current br and the stalker rifle

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Is there a tool for measuring world units in-game? The patch notes state that the BR’s bullet magnetism ranges are being reduced and they’re using wus, world units, as the unit measurement.

It would be helpfull to have some sort of picture of what that looks like.

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There has not been a single utility weapon since the CE Pistol that has had the same skill gap the CE Pistol had, whether the BR has been in the game or not, whether there has been a lot of bloom or not, whether the weapon has been single shot or burst, or whether the projectiles have been fast or slow, none have come close

The problem is very clearly not the fact that the resident utility weapon has looked like a BR. Its just a model. The problems with the sandboxes post CE are so much deeper than the shape of one particular archtype.

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I couldn’t agree more with you on this one. The Battle Riffle is perfect and it should stay the exact same.

That’s not what I am saying at all, I think the BR needs serious changes to give it a higher skill gap, I just don’t care for the idea that the BR is somehow uniquely unbalanced or difficult to balance when at the end of the day the BR is just a model, outside of the fact it fires in bursts, it could otherwise be made to have as high a skill gap as the CE Pistol.

We know it possible, because by the devs own admission that conceptually what would become the “BR” was originally just a copy of a CE Pistol with a new asset.

The BR is far from perfect, but its not unsalvageable either.