Hey everyone !

I’m currently doing Covenant Loadout mastery. Carbine is not a big deal, and plasma pistol is hard, but not impossible. My biggest problem is Storm Rifle, simply because nearly 90 % of players use Battle Rifle. BR is strong weapon and it’s very usefull, but comparing close quater weapong to precision weapon (Storm Rifle vs. Battle Rifle) is like shoting with a watergun to a spartan. Battle rifle is too powerfull (duh!) and there is no point of using machine guns.

And my other question is - what playlist is best to do Storm Rifle commendation ?

I’m sorry if wrote something wrong, but English is not my national language.

Hope to see some opinions of you guys.

Thanks for your time ! :slight_smile:

ricochet and ctf are the playlists kill farmers are in.

ive had teammates get 50 kills with the storm rifle when matched against noobs in ricochet

The other two places I got mine were Action Sack and Rumble Pit. If you can, wait until you hear two people battling, and then try and rush in and clean up one or both.

Thank for your help !

For me Storm rifle was just as easy as carbine or Assault rifle.
I used it in Rumble Pit and 4v4 slayer
If you have problems with Storm overheating, I used Dexterity with it. I’m not sure if it really has effect but it felt like it did. But you still need to watch out that it does not overheat.

I really don’t have any other tips for it because I didn’t have problem with he gun when using it. But those BR users are the biggest problem, just try to get close to them by sneaking or go shoot people who are fighting each other.

Oh, and frag grenades are useful too.

And in Rumble Pit, try to vote for oddball when you see it. Just don’t get the ball but keep close to it. I think my max Storm rifle kills in an oddball match was 46. I just kept close to the ball and killed everyone who tried to get it.