BR, DMR, or pistol starts preference

Just wondering what starting weapon everyone would like to have in the new halo?

AR and Pistol. I’ve always hated BR and DMR starts.

I’ll go with magnum. Love the 5 shot with DMR and BR as worthy pick ups.

To be honest I really don’t care what the starting weapon looks like as long as its not an underpowered piece of garbage like the Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo 4 Magnums.

I could go for any of those 3 weapons provided they are a true utility weapon with
*2x Scope with ~60m of red reticle range(minimum)
*A fast time to kill tempered by a high skill gap
*at least 3 perfect kills per magazine.

We can also spawn with an AR in addition to the utility weapon but we should avoid Auto starts like we had in H2-H4 at all costs.

Depends on how good the pistol and BR are, preferably a BR and assalt rifle start though.

I realize I’m in the minority here but I think players should be able to choose their starting weapons - hold on I’m not proposing loadouts like Halo 4. I just think if players wanted to spawn with an AR + Magnum or BR + Magnum they should have the option. Heck if they wanted the SMG or DMR I’d support that too (that would be the extent though) Having 4 default primaries would be a nice mix in my opinion, balanced accordingly:

Magnum: Low Recoil, Fast Rate of Fire, Short Range, 5 shot Kill

SMG: High Recoil, Fast Rate of Fire, Short Range, 18 Shot Kill
AR: Medium Recoil, Fast Rate of Fire, Medium Range, 12 Shot Kill
BR: Low Recoil, Medium Rate of Fire, Medium Range, 4 Shot Kill
DMR: Medium Recoil, Slow Rate of Fire, Long Range, 3 Shot Kill


Ar and magnum

To me, just anything but the BR. Halo 2/3 fans love it, but I personally hate burst shots. To me, the Halo CE pistol or the DMR (sans reach) are both fine. Honestly they’re the same, just different skins. Allow for precision/skill based weapon upon start.

I think in terms of precision weapons, it should be some decent weapon that can kill things, just not from every conceivable range like the BR and DMR. Pistol from H4 or Reach would, in my opinion, be the best choice. It’s a precision weapon that’s decent at mid-range but not so powerful as to negate any reason to pick up another weapon like BR/DMR starts did in the older games.

In terms of the Halo 5 sandbox, I think the BR would be the best choice, again, since it’s a mid-range-oriented precision weapon.

It depends on the gameplay, gamemode, and weapon balance, of course, but i think magnum starts would be acceptable for most gamemodes.

If players start with BRs and DMRs, there is little need to pickup other weapons (little interaction with sandbox), and most vehicle maps suck when anyone can pop your head. If players start with ARs, they stand no chance against a player with a power weapon. So, i think magnums is a good middle ground for sandbox interaction and game balance.

Further balancing can be accomplished by combining starting weapons (AR + Magnum is classic), adjusting starting grenade count, and carefully choosing weapon/vehicle/equipment spawns on a per-map/-gamemode basis.

I admit though, that magnums are probably not as user-friendly to new players as the AR. I’m hoping, i guess, that the weapon balance allows for AR starts. Halo 5’s AR was a lot more capable than previous iterations and could end up being a decent jack-of-all trades weapon.

Maybe magnum starts for ranked and AR starts for social would be acceptable for slayer.

Like i said, it depends on how the gameplay is stuctured. It’s hard to say what is best until we get our hands on it.

i dont have a favourite but there will be different game modes for certain weapon starts so everyone will be happy

If it’s going to have a precision weapon as a start, either a BR or DMR. Please don’t let a pistol be the main weapon of choice, it’s silly enough in Halo 5.

Whatever the utility weapon is. If that takes the form of a BR, DMR, or an H5-style pistol, that’s what I prefer. I’m not too big on AR starts, only because it feels so limiting, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if precision weapons are plentiful.

I could do either a single or burst for a primary. While a single shot is more crisp, I think a burst is a little more nuanced (and possibly creates a larger skill gap?)

From CE.


I would like the pistol from halo ce and random weapon

The CE pistol. That should be the starting loadout.

I’m going to go with Magnum, with it being pretty much as it is in Halo 5. It has a good skill gap, with less skilled players switching it for a BR, for example, while higher skilled players will use it quite exclusively. The BR, DMR, and Carbine (and Light Rifle?) can be pick ups on the map.

Yep. Magnum / AR. H5 got it right.