This is to all of the people out there who say to suck it up and get good with the dmr. First of all, the dmr was the predecessor to the br. In no way shape or form should it be a better overall weapon. The unsc built the br to improve upon the dmr’s design. Yes i think that the dmr should win at long range because the 3 round burst will spread. That’s physics. Close range the br should destroy the dmr. That’s a no brainer. So yes, i believe that the dmr should be toned down. Next point, bring back the 4 shot kills!!!

it`s these kind of threads that bring me back to the H3 forum kind of days.


I started with BR, earned mastery commendation.

Switched to DMR, almost at mastery commendation.

Then I’m moving to the Light Rifle (4-shot kills yay).

It’s still launch season, if you go for XP and cool new -Yoink- first, you learn all the weapons anyway along the way. Then you go with your style.

There’s no debate. I’ll use a DMR on mid to long range, BR at short to mid.

^^kinda dumb cus DMR Yoinks Br Short To mid range! NERF is NEEDED!

In my opinion they should be almost the same gun, both having the exact same scope and kill rate.