BR Arctic skin pre-order?

So, I pre-ordered the Limited Edition of Halo 4 from Gamestop, & didn’t get the code for the BR’s Arctic skin. Now, I didn’t realize that a BR skin came with pre-order until just today, & I have had the game since release. Is there any way I can ask Gamestop for the code, or is it too far past release that they wont believe me? If I took too long to figure it out, then does anybody, by chance have a spare code they would be willing to send me? Please help. That BR skin is so -Yoink!-…

Do you still have the receipt that came with your halo 4 game, because if you do then it should be printed on that along with a few other pre-order bonuses.

Yeah, it should be on the receipt. I love that skin so.

yep, preordered mine from Gamestop. The codes are printed on the receipt, so if the receipt is gone now, you are probubly S.O.L. you might ck with them but I doubt that they would be able to do anything

might ck out this link;