BR and Carbine Useless

I feel like the BR and Carbine are useless against the DMR

The DMR is a bit OP, but if you’re any good then you should have no problem going against it with either of those. The BR is perfect.

While the DMR does seem to be a bit on the powerful side, I disagree about the BR and Carbine being “useless.” This morning I continuously wrecked enemy teams with the BR.

With skill the BR can beat everything. DMR is a bit better though tbh. I’ll still use the BR, because it’s cooler.

The DMR is very hard to connect with. While veteran players may have an easy time aiming most of the community can’t. The DMR completely fails with a good strafe unless the guy has good aim.

you don’t even need a sniper rifle any more just use the dmr.

it will be overused like the jet pack in a few days.

They are most certainly not useless. The BR and Carbine both have faster rates of fire then the DMR and, while they don’t quite match in pure strength, the fast fire rate being shot at a DMR player might make them trip up as they panic to get their shots strait while their shields whittle down. Also it is a DMR, standing for Designated Marksman Rifle, which would naturally have more power behind the bullet as it is meant to shoot from long distances. The DMR is meant to be more like a sniper, whereas the BR and Carbine are meant to be more like the AR’s.