BPR & K/D Question

I was looking at a suspected cheaters stats on Waypoint and noticed that their BPR and K/D weren’t available. The BPR only had an asterisk (*) under it and their K/D said “0”. In addition when I looked at the service record it said they hadn’t played any competitive game types. The only stats that were listed were for campaign and firefight.

Does this mean that their stats have been suspended (or something of that nature) because of cheating/moding? Or something completely different? Any help is appreciated as I would love to know if this guy actually got caught or not. (I won’t post his name on the forum, but if you are interested in seeing first-hand what I am talking about PM me).


I have been around for awhile and have never heard of them suspending stats but not the player, not sure what to tell you on this one.

Maybe he never played a multiplayer match. Other than that, I have no idea.

I have never seen this before .

First time for everything