BP should have more items; Shop should have less armor

Some armor can appear in the shop, but most should be through progression/battle pass centric (also making many armor pieces on the FREE pass not just the paid one.

Also the Fracture armors should not be in the armor shop, you should be getting those through the battle pass. I hope that 343i gleans from this first event and start of multiplayer that the battle pass should have:

  1. More engaging challenges that provide proportional xp
  2. Battle Passes FILLED with armor, some behind the pay wall (its F2P, so its gonna happen) and less filled with xp grants and challenge swaps. Filling the Battle Passes with challenge swaps and xp grants proves that the challenge system is flawed and not as fun as it could be (otherwise they wouldnt need to include them, you’d just enjoy the challenges and the gameplay)

Also there should just be LOTS of challenges for the event, like WAY MORE, many of which should not be needed to finish all your weekly challenges

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The Rockstar energy promo will be over in like 36 days.

After that I no longer get free xp boosts and swaps for consuming my regular every day caffeine repository. I’ll definitely be looking into the boosts more after that.

I agree, either that or drop the price. If items were $5 a pack, I’d more than likely buy several if not all. At $10-$20 I’m most likely not going for any.