BP Challenges Need More Of A Tweek

Thank god they released Team Swat! It has brought me back to the game and I can’t get enough of it!

But only downside now is that all the challenges are related to quick Play or ranked, so once again I’m being forced to play game modes I don’t like (all of them) the challenges should simply be things like earn a double kill Etc… earn a killing spree etc… get said amount of kills in a game… things like that, I played for about 2-3 hours on Team Swat today and simply did not finish 1 challenge as they was all catered for ranked and quick play.

And also I think the should be another daily challenge for if you win a game you get 100xp as well as the 50xp for playing a game, bringing the total to 150xp per game if you win.

But we know what Halo is like they love capping the amount of XP people earn.