Boycotting next Halo games

Halo 4 has been very disappointing for me.

Wouldn’t you all agree that Halo 4 has had the worst storyline compared to all the previous Halo games?

It was very confusing. It felt like everything was explained narrated all in one cut scene with many unfamiliar terms and names, not to mention how strange the addition of the Prometheans and the Didac… and a magical ghost from the past that conveniently gave Master Chief the only key to humanity’s salvation. Not to mention the irony of Master Chief being tricked to set the Didac free. So it HAD to be master chief?

But hey! It’s Halo, I have to see it till the end.

Yet 343industries just sucks -Yoink-.
I got temporarily banned for who knows what and I never got the armor for completing the game in legendary.
Honestly, I don’t care for these glitches. It’s the inability to communicate with 343industries and their apparent silence to all player’s problems that’s frustrating.