Boycott ATN DLC Please

This kind of behavior is getting out of hand. It is up to us (and well within our power) to at least let our voices be heard. So many people (myself included) that own a season pass expected to get this new dlc with it only to have it as a separate deal is kind of shocking. Are we going to need a season pass 2 now? If so, when will this end? Why weren’t we told? I personally will not be buying the dlc in protest to this. You people do what you want, say what you want.

Boycott threads serve no purpose. Therefore, I am locking this. If you want to discuss this feel free to do so in our season pass mega-thread.

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> Why weren’t we told?

It was in the release announcements for ATN that it was a separate purchase, that information has been public since June this year when it was announced at E3