Boundary on Teleporter not working?

Pertain to Halo Infinite forge.

I am trying to add a teleporter with a boundary that covers a large area. I use the boundary setting and make it huge yet only stepping on the teleporter itself does anything, its as if the boundary isnt there. Is there something i am doing wrong or does this work differently than in the past?

I believe the boundary is only used as an area monitor within scripting and not to do with the actual teleportation. Probably best way to do this is check if entered area, Set object position = same as teleporter position. Would only take a few nodes and just using the teleporters boundary.
I must agree it’s a bit misleading and there should be an option to expand the teleporter area.

It works for me. I put TEAM ONLY boundaries, on my teles. I set this up in the object properties. Example: If I only want Team 1 ( Eagle Team ) I to enter my tele I set the blocker to Team 1.

I also use the Vehicle Blocker so people dont bring vehicles into the building.
NOTE: I do not set this up with teams. I leave it blank. so nobody can enter a building with a vehicle no mater what team they are on.

Side note: The Projectile Blocker does not work.