Bought the DLC but I can't use it?

So I’m getting slightly frustrated; I bought the new DLC yesterday. I did not preorder nor did I get the War Games pass, yet I’m still unable to access the map pack. Originally when I turn Halo 4 on it tells me to “Make sure you are connected to XBOX live and have downloaded the War Games pass.” I just started recieving that message after this new DLC came out, I was able to play just fine prior to that. When I try to play the DLC maps, it has an exclaimation point with a triangle around it around the playlist.

I’d like some assistance on this immediately. I already called Microsoft and they said it’s a 343 issue. Bottom line: I paid the 10 bucks for three maps, I should get something for it other than an error message.

On, side note: I also haven’t recieved my specialization priority alpha code yet, I’ve been playing since release. Maybe throw that my way while you’re at it.

Did you actually BUY it with Microsoft points or did you download it for free?

Try this: Go to storage, delete the map pack, then go to your account, download history and redownload the Crimson Map Pack and tell me if this resolved your issue!

I bought it with 800 MS points. I deleted it and redownloaded it twice. I’ve deleted my system cache 3 times and tried again. I’ve done a number of things.

Through the in-game Marketplace…does it appear???

I’ve tried downloading it through the In-Game Marketplace and externally through XBOX Marketplace. Both have failed. It’s really silly, my husband got the thing for free and can access it, but I PAID for it and I can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

This is 3 4 free LOL…When you bought it first time, it worked fine and after the DLC it stopped?

Prior to the DLC being release, Halo 4 functioned perfectly fine. When I downloaded it on my xbox, it started giving me a weird message about downloading war games pass and ensuring I’m connected to XBOX live. My husbands XBOX doesn’t have the same issues.

Ok and one last question, in the storage tab of the dashboard, in Halo 4, the Crimson Map Pack appears?? And it’s 529MB??

Yes to both of those questions.

Try to PM bs angel it’s probably a Waypoint issue and she will be able to help you. You shouldn’t be the only one to face this issue i hope!

Honestly they have a limited time window before I just file a complaint with the BBB and cancel my payment.

I know i am also pissed with the whole story. And not a sigle official word aboutt he map pack mess LMAO.