Bought Recs and didn't receive any of them

Just wondering how to contact 343, I purchased $12 worth of the new rec packs (3 of them) and after, I went to look in my inventory and none of the things I got were in there. I restarted my xbox and quit out of the game, and they still aren’t there. I’ve waited time, and still nothing. Any way I could get a refund for the packs?

Check to see if any items have been added to your collection (the packs may have just skipped your inventory).

If not, wait a while longer and if no luck, then Xbox support is your best chance at a refund.

OP have you checked here on waypoint if you have received them? What you do is:-

  • Go to service record - Halo 5 - Requisitions - Unopened packsIf you don’t have them, and you have you order of confirmation it’s probably best getting in touch with Microsoft Here is a link to MS