Bought MCC Back In December But Received No ODST #

Hello, I bought MCC back in December 2014, and I haven’t received any code for ODST, which I really wanted to play as I quite enjoyed it on the 360.

When are we supposed to receive them?

did you play it online when you bought it then? i think the cut off date for receiving the odst stuff was in the middle of december, like the 19th or so…


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> I had the game day one and played online almost everyday and never got the code.

Same, got the free live a while back as part 1 of 343’s apology but no code as of yet. My advice just wait, day’s not over and alot of us bought the game day 1 or during that time period so it will take a while.

update: just got my code just now. maybe your’s will come soon, check your messages on xbox live.

Just checked. I think I bought it earlier, but I didn’t start playing it until December 25th.

That sucks. Not sure why they didn’t make the cutoff end of December.

Well, I don’t believe in buying DLC, so looks like I won’t be playing ODST on the One.

I also purchased MCC back in November. Haven’t received my code for odst

I updated the FAQ I have stickied int the MCC A forums yesterday and added a bunch of stuff on ODST. Have a read over that, should help you out :slight_smile:

Read the updated FAQ and that sucks, the game was still broken when I started playing it on the 25th like a lot of people did.

The December 19th cut-off day doesn’t make any sense. Any reason that particular day was chosen for the cutoff for ODST?

In my opinion, for 343 to make the cut-off before December 19th is nothing short of money grabbing. In that they knew most people would buy the game before Christmas, but not play it until the 24th or 25th.

That being said, as a result, I will not be buying ODST, even for $5. Not worth supporting this type of “compensation” when the game was still broken after December 19th.

If they release ODST for free, great, I’ll play it and 343 will look better in my opinion.

Even if it’s not much, I’m voting with my wallet, as others should do.