Bought campaign thought armor boxes gave armor

I just bought the campaign thinking armor boxes would give me armor. Bummed on that. Please update


Im mad too dude.

Mostly because beating the Campaign on Legendary DOESN’T grant you the Mark VI Gen-3 as an Armor Core.

Halo 4 we got the Mark VI Gen-2. Halo 5 SHOULD’VE given us Master Chief’s Mark VI MOD armor, but instead we got NOTHING.

And no we get no armor AGAIN for the challenge of Legendary.

And we are CLEARLY going to get a Mark VI Gen-3 Armor Core, otherwise the Cover of Halo Shadows of Reach wouldn’t show off Blue Team with their unique armor configurations. And Frederic’s helmet isn’t even Centurion Gen-3 but rather Cohort Gen-3, a new helmet JUST LIKE WITH LINDA. And Linda also has a unique sort of shoulder armor.


Yea, should rename those Paint Lockers tbh. It’s false advertising to call them armor lockers /s


All you get for 60 dollars is a mediocre “Been there, done that” story on a giant green map that looks unrendered. Basically the Halo infinite experience.


So glad I got it through gamepass because no way would I pay $60 for that.


As unlocks go Halo Infinite campaign has got to be the worst in the franchise history since Halo 3. I mean some lockers could have had armour pieces in them so you know who has played and completed campaign due to their armour core.

There’s DLC on the way so hopefully 343i will change what the paint lockers give out. :crossed_fingers:


I wouldn’t be surprised if we got the core for free at some point but not the helmet.
Also, nothing gives you armor in the campaign, which is awful.

Something I’m wondering about is why some reporters tried to say the leak saying there wouldn’t be any armor unlocks in the campaign was false, and why some article writers said there would be pieces of armor to unlock in the campaign.

Why would they do that when they had the game before it released?


Fully agree more campaign unlocks need to be added.


Welcome to halo infinite


I feel really sorry for you.
(I’m not beeing sarcastic, I genuinely mean it)

Paying full price for the game should give costumers way more content, period.
It really doesn’t matter if someone brings up the argument: “…but Multiplayer is F2P, it’s getting treated as a seperate game” - no it’s not.

It’s literally the same game, lmao. The publishers literally decided to rip off half of the game for paying customers. The gaming industry has to be the only place where companys get away with this.

At least give your customers access to the first 3 Premium Battlepass Seasons & credits, more valuable unlockables.
That’s not the way to go, 343.


Why would they do that? That’s a good question. One answer would be that in older builds they did unlock more than just new coats of paint. If that were true the writers would have been telling what they believed to be the truth. It also would explain why they called them armor lockers. Still not convinced this was the case? Well everything I’ve said so far is just speculation right?

Okay, so to add to the plausibility of them giving out armor for the campaign there was this screenshot:

You can find that screenshot in June’s Inside Infinite. That’s the description for MK VI. It says you get it for completing For Out Tomorrow campaign pass. Now, maybe that’s talking about some future campaign, but I doubt it. A 343 member did confirm it was a placeholder name, and that’s all I can confirm. However, I think the simplest explanation is it was meant to be unlocked for completing the campaign we currently have. And if this were the case in an older build, then the journalist may have been telling what they believed to be true.

This would also make sense as being a last minute change. As we know from leaks the battle pass was changed very close to release. It was gutted and a lot of items in it monetized. It’s not implausible to think the same thing happens to some of the campaign unlocks.

tldr: The link pretty much confirms that we were originally planned to unlock armor via the campaign.


Lmao. A book cover is in no way conclusive evidence that we’ll be getting any armor core in infinite come on


That makes sense, but it also creates more questions.
Questions like:
Why does it say “12/31/2021”?
Is there still going to be a campaign pass even with the ridiculous shop prices?
Are they going to charge people for cut content despite the lack of content?
If Mark VII wasn’t the core we were going to start with originally, which core were we supposed to start with?

Since they’re called "Armor Locker"s, I’d say most of the campaign unlocks were gutted.


I wonder if they originally planned to release the campaign rather than as “Halo Infinite Campaign” but as “Campaign Pass: For Our Tomorrow,” and changed it for some kind of marketing reason.


Sorry for the double post, but I personally am very very doubtful that we’ll get any armor cores for free

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We got the Yoroi core for free.
Then again, the Mark V [B] isn’t free, so I guess it would make sense for the Mark VI to not be either.

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I’m guessing the date was a placeholder. Likely chosen as it’s the last day of last year. We can’t be sure, but it makes sense with the campaign name also being a placeholder.

The campaign pass I’m pretty sure refers to the campaign we have now. Remember, it was a placeholder name. Calling it a pass though makes me think there will be future campaigns, and we’ll also have to pay for them. Hopefully they won’t just be cut content, but we can’t say for sure.

The name of the chest says MK VII, but that’s a mistake. It should say MK VI. Read the description. I don’t know why they don’t match, but I still believe MK VII was meant to be the default.

Since they’re called "Armor Locker"s, I’d say most of the campaign unlocks were gutted.

I agree. I just wanted to make a strong case for that being true.

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I’m hoping they won’t charge for the cut content, because the campaign’s quite lacking right now, and I wouldn’t spend $60 (or even $10), in addition to the $60 for the campaign in its current state, to get all of the content that was cut.

That makes sense.
I thought the “sixth generation” was a mistake.
However, the description of the Mark VII helmet doesn’t seem much different.

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We know much of the content has been cut. Dataminers are finding all sorts of things. Like reach items. Everything that is in the reach core was set to be for the battle pass. Corporate prolapsed -Yoink!-’ dictated that nothing should be free and even a paid pass will be forced to pay from pocket to complete.

I said screw it and I decided I won’t pay a dime that I haven’t earned from gamepass rewards. Want me to spend money? Fine pay yourself.

Campaign unlocks, req packs, firefight, customization, it’s all things 343i, Microsoft seek to destroy about Halo. I saw my shoulders for my reach Spartan last night. It’s estimated that’s it’s going to cost me around 50$ to get everything I need to have my reach Spartan. Guess I got a lot of gamepass quests to complete huh?


My guess is each season will have a free armor core, a paid armor core, and an event armor core. After two or three seasons, anyone who will have paid for all the BP’s will probably have a ton of customization options