Bought Armor - Core Locked - NEED REFUND

Does anyone know how I can get a refund for a store purchase? I bought an armor in the store and I can’t even use it. Is this a joke? Then I try and refund it on MS site, and they throw me in a loop. Try and refund on PayPal, and they send me to MS. Try and call MS and it’s impossible to get a human.

Actually, I am not as concerned about the +$15 I wasted I am more concerned that the company is seriously selling a product that can’t even be used. At least have the developers add in a pop-up warning that you may not be able to use the armor unless unlocking the core. The monetization with halo is terrible. My son plays Fortnite and it is a great shop, constantly changing, partnerships, etc. I would have expected better from Microsoft. All you had to do was kind of copy what the others were doing, and not reinvent the wheel with complicated bs. I’m still not even sure wtf I’m getting with the battle pass and premium battle pass. I’ve had them both the first two seasons and still do t have a few armors and colors.