bought all of MCC but can only play reach on PC

so i bought the MCC for Xbox one like 2 years ago? don’t remember exactly when. and when MCC went to PC, i quickly bought the reach dlc and downloaded it on my PC. now when halo Ce was playable for PC i wanted to play it of course. but when i clicked on ce to play it, it said it wasn’t installed and it send me to the microsoft store to well install it. microsoft store required me to give me pin as usual but then just gave me an error, after trying this over and over again with only the error to show for it., id decided to uninstall and reinstall MCC. after the long reinstalling process i tried again only for you guessed it, the same error, now the weird thing is i never had any problem with anything on xbox. Now i hoped it wold have been fixed with the halo 2 and three updates but it still gives me an uninstalled when ever i click on anything other then reach?
does anyone know how to fix this?

Just to clarify, did you buy the MCC a second time on PC, or did you only buy Reach? Buying the games on one platform won’t allow you to play them on the other - you have to buy them again.
If you haven’t already done that and you want to play the other titles you’ll need to buy each game (CEA, 2A, 3, ODST, 4) individually, buy the bundle (about 40 USD, if memory serves), or get the appropriate Xbox Games Pass.

MCC isn’t a play anywhere title, it was released before that program existed.