BOTS Remove PVP!

Please removbe this bots in Multiplayer PVP!!! They are useless and make the team bad then they are! Bots running in doing 1kill and 15 deaths… remove this bots out the game!


Agree. They need to either:

A: remove bots from PVP altogether, or
B: bump up the difficulty level of the bots they put in PVP

As it stands, it’s better to be down a player than it is to have bots going 1-15. They immediately ruin any chance you have of winning a 3v4 Slayer game.


I agree the bots just feed the other team kills, I would rather be 3v4 than having a bot on my team going super negative


If anything, they shouldn’t count as kills in Slayer matches because they’re that bad. They’re just cannon fodder and will easily lose you the game in slayer matches.


They either need to be always put in as Spartan level bots or ODST/Spartan based on the average SBMM of the lobby. The Recruit/Marine level bots are a literal joke. Even ODST and Spartan bots 1v1 are a joke.


The bots aren’t even labeled are they?
You can spot the difference obviously in the way they move but are they announced in any way?

This is some testing to see if they can just throw bots in the mix in the future and we not know if they are bots down the line with improvements?

They should use Spartan difficulty bots IMO.

Right now they are set to either Recruit or Marine which makes them more detrimental than anything. At least Spartan bots actually feel like an average Joe player.


Not on the average, since most of the time the lowest skilled players are the once that quit. Bots shouldn’t make your team stronger. Just make it so it equals the lowest skilled player on your team.

implying spartan bots are even remotely difficult to kill

Whenever you see a ‘343’ before a random word as a player’s name, that is most likely a bot.
Example: 343 Godfather


Just do it so their kills and deaths don’t count towards the match totals? Maybe also they don’t drop weapons upon death? :thinking:

The game announcer could also say something like “bot kill”, so you know why your scores don’t change

Do not remove the bots, increase the difficulty.


Literally just about to type that !!!

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They need to be bumped to at least ODST. Marine is way to easy

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I already get ODST ones in my matches.

if you mean this by slayer then im sorta ok. But if from pvp altogether then no thanks. Atleast unlike most of my teammates then actually do the -Yoink!- objective. removing them for pvp cuz of one mode yeah no thanks

I think most people just want them up to ODST or Spartan difficulty. I need them there so they can be dominating with the Pulse Carbine like they do in my Customs.

Or turn the bots into actual AI’s like in the campaign, they would be more of an actual threat.

*In pvp matches, if the bot is labeled as ODST or Spartan difficulty ; Im pretty sure there just Marine difficulty, the insider program showed that an ODST or Spartan bot would aim bot kill you before you even had a shot off or seen where you were killed from, now you can definitely tell the higher difficulty bots are really nerfed.


Oh no. If they did that the whole team would just quit in a 4v4 once first guy drops out. A bot can just stay until a new teammate joins.

I have never seen a bot score the equivalent to the worst player on the team. Bots are lucky to get 1 kill and they die like 10 times.

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