Bots remaining too long to create unbalanced matches

I’ve just seen this on kotaku:

It says some bots remain on teams even when players join in progress turning a 4v4 into a 6v4

Has anyone experienced this in-game?

I haven’t come across it but I hope 343 fix it. I imagine it can be helpful in objective matches but a hindrance in slayer modes

I’ve had plenty of matches with bots already…

They’re a band-aid to attempt to “salvage” a game ruined by abandoners. They stay in till they can toss someone in to replace the loser(s) that quit lol. But they’re too easy to deal with and don’t really help much at all.

Hell, often when we do get someone they just end up leaving too because people don’t want to join matches that have already started. I had a nice example of that the other day were we had six abandons till the match ended in a 4 vs 4.