Bots need to go!

I’ve noticed an increase in 343 bots in my games lately and it’s given me a new opinion on them. At first, I thought wow that’s really cool to have a bot put into my game when a player leaves or drops so I have something helping until another player connects to the lobby in the meantime. However and Idk why this is but lately, it seems that once a bot takes the place of a player no new players connect so I end up playing an entire game with a bot or two.
Now like I said Idk exactly why this happens but I do have some guesses…

  • Lack of player count to replace the dropped player.
  • Overabundance of fresh servers being prioritized over active games with open spots.

Anyways the reason I find this so frustrating is these bots really show their lack of A.I when they are in a game for an extended period of time…

  • TDM Modes: Bots will have such a detrimental K/D feeding the enemy team double digits in kills making it impossible to keep up with the free kill they are farming every 20 seconds or so.
  • Objective Modes: Bots again feed the enemy team with kills but that’s not so much a detriment in OBJ but the bots will B-line to the OBJ and prioritize control over the fight. Meaning they will want to place themself in the OBJ over killing the players in or around the OBJ. Often getting mowed down before even firing a shot.

I understand why bots were added and at first, in a short duration, it’s a decent mechanic to better the player experience. But now something has changed and with that, the mechanic needs to be tweaked or taken out altogether. I have two thoughts on what to do next…

  • First increase the A.I difficulty significantly. The game has been out for a while now and players are better at the game and will continue to get better. There’s a reason why the leaderboards on TRN for K/D are inflated with Botbootcamp because the A.I is too easy to spar with they don’t actually have to be brain-dead bots to cater to a casual player.
  • Second get rid of it altogether and remove the mechanic of placing bots in place of dropped players. Hot take for some I know but in my opinion, I would rather you end the match and give me an apology message for the inconvenience or allow players who have lost a player in the game to leave without penalty.

Now I know this is probably a hot take as almost everything on this forum seems to be but please reply with legitimate criticism. I love the Halo games and am just looking to better the game. Please add to the conversation either for or against the mechanic and don’t attack others’ opinions. TKY