Bots need more attention for the future

First of all. Their season 2 update has been good. Did a test with CTF where the bot picked up the flag, jumped onto the back of my mongoose and I was able to drive him back to base and score. That was a much needed update.

However, they will need more updates for the future, especially as people start doing more custom games. Only having a max total count of 8 doesn’t allow small friend groups to really play BTB (or even LSS properly). Heck, they introduced LSS, but the bots have some issues in that game mode. They won’t upgrade their weapons so they always run around with disruptor and sidekick.

As another thing. It is annoying that in custom games, we can only set one difficulty for the bots. Really wish we could mix up the difficulty of bots. My friends and I are very different in skill levels, so it would be awesome to have a bot team that has more of a spread of skill as well.

I hope they get more attention (like the ability to drive but feel that is like waaaay down the line), as they allow me to play custom games with friends for big games.

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I think bots getting attention is what is actually slowing the release of content. Can’t add KOTH with out teaching bots how to play it. Can’t add a new gun like the Grenade Launch with teach bots how to shoot it etc.

Obviously this isn’t a bad thing, it just seems like a natural consequence of a pretty useful feature.