Bots in Halo Infinite are dumb

The bots in Infinite are dumb, even on the hardest difficulty Spartan I find myself just cheesing through them, however when I play a multiplayer game It’s more competitive and fun. I also noticed they don’t use Vehicles, I spent 5 min honking at a bot to hop in my warthog but he would rather run across the map for a needler and and then die before he could get there. I understand the focus is on the multiplayer aspect, but sometimes I just want to kick it with some bots, but it feels like I’m playing against little kids who don’t understand how to play. ON THE HARDEST DIFFICULTY!


From my understanding, the bots are unfinished and the person developing them was still working on vehicle use.

I think we will see improvements in that area


If this is truly the case then I may not have much to worry about, but for now I am kind of sad I can’t have an immersive experience with bots

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I agree. I feel like they for some reason nerfed the bots since flighting? I was actually enjoying a challenge from the Spartan bots in flights, but now when I play arena with the same bots it feels like they are dumbed down. Am I just imagining things?

Like, now even the Spartan bots just freeze and do nothing? 343i please give us more difficult bots (in Arena singleplayer at least)!