Bots - as characters

Saw a few posts on here, people talking about bots and a thought popped into my head. I was thinking of the last mission “Lone wolf” In Halo Reach. Falling spartans lying dead all around the map and and I always wondered what stories and lore they had.

So my idea is, rather than having a plain bot with plain colours with the halo infinite default recruit amour. Imagine if there was like 12 different bots all with there own set of amours and colours. Id like to see some bots being characters like ones that never made it to the final cut of the games like Rosenda-A344 from reach being a bot in infinite. Maybe in time we can have each bots with there own background, lore and armours. Think it would cool having one of these characters bringing more story into the game and seeing you’ve been killed by Rosenda-A344 rather than killed by bot. There could be one bot that could be your nemesis that killed you so many times, or one that has saved you so many times during a match.

Id like to see spartans that we know of but never saw in games. Ones from books or comics would be great and expand the universe rather than having characters we’ve already seen being a bot. As much as i would like to see noble team running around being a bot in a game, they all died on Reach well accept Jun-A266. Maybe even Red team. Li-008, Joshua-029, Vinh-030, Isaac-039, Douglas-042, William-043, Malcolm-059 just a example to have than a plain default bot. Maybe not at launch but in time id like to see it. Hopefully bots will be more than just a tool to use for weapon drills and that they can be quiet the adversary and can hold there on in matchmaking games.

That’s a cool idea tbh. I’m not sure about how the bots are going to be yet, but hopefully that’s a thing :slight_smile:

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> That’s a cool idea tbh. I’m not sure about how the bots are going to be yet, but hopefully that’s a thing :slight_smile:

After playing the 1st flight the bots were fun to play against and I hope that my idea makes it into the game at some point. It would be cool if certain amours/customizations were kinda soft locked to each different character for the bots and you would unlock them by like, killing them in matching 50 times or something like that. Just a small idea that could be cool