Bots are useless in matchmaking

Out of the several games I’ve played literally everyone quits and fills in with bots which are apparently “challenging” except for the fact they got 0-10 each literally making them completely useless… I’d rather not have bots in the game at all at that point since they are just free kills and I am more likely to win with 1 or 2 teammates down than with bots who can’t hit a wall and go extremely negative, idk who’s idea it was to but derpy AI as a fill in but it has to go

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Yeah ti feels like they aren’t even the Spartan difficulty bots. Or maybe they aren’t very proficient when working with players as they were when working with other bots? Idk but it feels pretty bad.

I do love that they’re using bots but I want them to be much, much better.

I’m pretty sure the bots that are in the game that replace players who have left are Marine difficulty. I feel like they should make them ODST ones, as Spartan ones might be a little too good and sway matches too much and be the reason their team wins. ODST is the sweet spot imho

I think they’re there to just get the game over quicker as a game with a quitter is basically a lost game anyway. Had some bots go combined like -20+ the other day and we still almost won.