Bots are hysterical

I’ve been playing Quick Games where either my team or the opponent has started with a bot on their team…or had one join when a player left.

And so far, it seems like it’s always happening in objective games. Of course whichever team is the unfortunate recipient of the bot inevitably loses.

If I was playing ranked, I’d be losing my mind. (Hopefully this isn’t happening there)

It doesnt happen in ranked. They do appear in slayer and make it impossible to win if they join early cus they always go like -12

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It’s really bad to have bots in matchmaking when they seem to be set to Recruit or Marine.
Having them set to Spartan or ODST would be great, and having them added to Ranked would also be helpful.

Also, the way bots work probably needs to be changed.
I’ve noticed that playing in custom games with bots set to Spartan in no-shield, no-radar modes is awful.
They seem to know where I am even without the radar, they mostly aim for headshots (which almost never miss), and they shoot as soon as possible (I don’t even see them, or I see them and don’t get a chance to do anything).

I’ve been shot in the head with a Mangler from what might as well have been the other side of the map.

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they probably suck because they seem to be ‘marine’ difficulty. thus completely useless. ODST for social would be more appropriate, and SPARTAN for ranked. a fair fight.
that is… if they’l even join in. i kid you not, i’ve had social matches (quickplay and btb) where players would leave… but no bot joins. there’s been a 4v2 match before. and even half of a entire btb team gone, with no bots at all joining

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It seems really inconsistent.
I never know when a bot will join, and they’re not always replaced by players, even in games that just started.