Both the Campaign, and the Multiplayer need some Aesthetic VARIETY.

What’s the one thing Halo CE, 2, and 3 have both in Campaign AND in Multiplayer over Halo Reach, and ODST?

The most important factor is variety in your environments.

Starting with Campaign, Sure, in Halo CE we spent most of the mission on the Halo Ring. But how many missions ACTUALLY looked alike? Let’s break down the Campaign missions of Halo CE, 2, 3, ODST and Reach all by their theme:

PoA - UNSC “Spacecraft” (Space)
Halo - Halo “Grasslands” / Forerunner “Practical Structure” (Day)
TaR - Halo “Mountain” / Covenant “Spacecraft” (Night)
tSC - Halo “Island” / Forerunner “Ornate Structure” (Day)
AotCR - Halo “Snow” / Forerunner “Practical Structure” (Day)
343GS - Halo “Swamp” / Forerunner “Rundown Structure” (Night)
Lbry - Forerunner “Rundown Structure” (Interior)
TwoB - Halo “Snow” / Forerunner “Practical Structure” (Night)
Keyes - Halo “Mountain” / Covenant “Rundown Spacecraft” (Night)
Maw - UNSC “Rundown Spacecraft” (Morning)

As you can see there is always variety between missions. On to Halo 2:
CS - UNSC “Spacecraft” (Space)
OS - Earth “Beach” / Human “Rundown City” (Day)
Metro - Human “Ornate City” (Day)
A/O - Threshold “Storm” / Exceptions:Exceptions:Forerunner “Practical Structure” (Gas Planet)
DH - Halo “Grasslands” / Forerunner “Stone Structure” (Day)
Regret - Halo “Ocean” / Forerunner “Ornate Structure” (Day)
SI/QZ - Halo “Snow” / Forerunner “Rundown Structure” (Night)
Gravemind - Covenant “Ornate City” (Space)
Uprising - Halo “Canyon” / Forerunner “Ornate Structure” (Day)
High C - Covenant “Rundown City” / Flood “Spreading” (Space)
TGJ - Halo “Beach” / Forerunner “Ornate Structure” (Night)

I did pair together some missions that simply go together. Finally Halo 3: (admittedly the first half of the game is mostly the same)
S117 - Earth “Jungle” / Human “Practical Structure” (Day)
Crow’sN - Human “Practical Structure” (Day)
TH - Earth “Plains” / Human “Practical Structure” (Day)
Storm - Human “Practical City” (Day)
FG - Human “Rundown City” / Flood “Infestation” (Night)
Ark - Halo (for simplicity) “Desert” / Forerunner “Ornate Structure” (Day)
Covenant - Halo “Grasslands” / Forerunner “Ornate Structure” (Day)
Cortana - Covenant “Rundown City” / Flood “Infestation” (Interior)
Halo - Halo “Snow” / Forerunner “Practical Structure” (Day)

This same, or similar variety can be found in the multiplayer aspect of these games as well. But what about ODST?:
EVERY MISSION: Human “Ornate City” (Day/Night)
UR - Earth “Safari” / Human “Recreational Structure” (Day)
KS - Human “Practical Structure” (Night)
DH - Human “Practical Structure” / Covenant “Drone Hive” (Interior)

And those exceptions don’t stray too far. Need I continue with Reach? Where the whole game outside of ONE mission, like ODST, is all human structure/whatnot? It’s dull/boring.

What we need to see in our Campaign, and Multiplayer maps, is a HEALTHY combination of DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT SETTINGS.

What separates The Pit, Midship, Sanctuary, and Prisoner isn’t necessarily the shape of the map, or the symmetry of the map. It’s the variety of appearance/theme. We WANT more Covenant maps, Forerunner maps, Flood maps. We WANT variation of setting, weather, lighting etc.

In Reach, short Forge World, Zealot, and Tempest every single map is distinctly UNSC/Human. And it sucks.

The Forerunners made all those crazy angular structures, and have alot of variety between their more ornate maps like Construct, and their rundown maps like Warlock. Platforms, gravity lifts, angles, maps you cannot create out of human/Covenant materials. Covie maps, are known for being rounder, beautiful, ornate. With a few more practical exceptions like Damnation. Their edges are curvy, and create more maneuverability than other maps, providing more areas that are easily accessible, such as on Zealot or Midship. While Human maps tend to be more square, structured off roads, and buildings that allow limited movement/jumping.

These helped give every map a unique feel and when you played a Covie map you felt like you knew what was going on. Reach failed to accomplish this in any way. They tried to “mimick” a Forerunner map with Swordbase, or a Covie map with Boardwalk, and those failed pretty hard. They don’t feel right, belonging. And both maps would have turned out better if Bungie actually tried variety on them. Made Boardwalk Covenant, they wouldn’t have had to settle for awkward jumps you have to make now, or areas that human geometry just won’t let you stand/maneuver with.

If Swordbase was actually a Forerunner map it would probably have more vertical movement to it, whether walking on angular ledges, or simply having more small grav-lifts to propel movement.

you’re exaggerating

Metropolis and OS looked the same, the first arbiter missions all looked the same, high charity and gravemind looked the same, uprising and great journey looked the same, delta halo and regret looked the same…


we need snowmaps , grass plains maps, city maps, arena style maps, covie city maps, covie maps, space style maps, forerunner maps, jungle maps

big maps, normal size maps, small maps, 1v1 maps

invasion style maps, maps with 2 bases at both ends, rundown maps, maps that will play perfectly for competitive players and playlist/mlg

day maps, night maps, maps with uniqe skyboxes, firefight maps, vehicle based maps, infantry based maps

maps in the air, maps on the ground, maps all around, maps on cliffs, maps on beaches, maps in deserts, maps in jungles, maps in grass plains.

yea that would be a good varity of maps

as long as it’s not all silver like FW, IDC

I’m not seeing what you’re talking about OP. Reach had the city, the grasslands, the space battle, inside a ship, a launch pad… What are you really looking for?

> you’re exaggerating
> Metropolis and OS looked the same, the first arbiter missions all looked the same, high charity and gravemind looked the same, uprising and great journey looked the same, delta halo and regret looked the same…
> busted

You’re wrong. Halo 2 had the greatest variety.