Both Infinite and the MCC need full modding support and playlists dedicated to mods

For both PC and console, Halo Infinite and Halo MCC need FAR broader modding support and playlists that fully support mods. And tools that keep mods playlist specific. A recent H3 mod is recreating Halo CE multi-player with the Halo 3 BLAM engine, and it’s so amazing that it deserves to be in matchmaking!



This is the kind of thing where in 10 years someone decides to load up a game to see if anyone still plays to find a thriving community.

Games die relatively quickly without that kind of support.


Massive mods take the fun out of gaming for me.

Then don’t play in those lobbies?

Not a fan of exciting new content made by very talented fans either myself.

I’ve been saying modding for console for MCC has been needed at the very least. There so much content there


They’re literally developing an entire system called forge for people to make custom stuff.
relax chief.

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Why not just give players ability to host their pwn servers with SAPP levels of control? Matchmaking is -Yoink!- tbh. I’d rather return to the custom edition days of just navigating a server browser. With the improved netcode hcea uses you could probably play maps like area 53 and 54 with ease, as well as the floods

It’s almost like the tools given to people aren’t enough to develop content on par with that found inside the game. H5 had a great forge when it didn’t look like the maps came from Roblox. Where in forge is the ai collection? Super carriers? Frigates? Specialty flight and land vehicles? Third person camera tools that give full character control? The point that’s being made isn’t for standard conceptions. It’s for grand scale. Infinite having mod support I disagree with, it’s too young and there’s no need for the community to outshine the devs YET. But MCC has full support with modding on PC, but console has been denied for years, this is a travesty that must end

I’m not sure how familiar you are with the modding community but it goes a little further than having a nice map editor. Although yes forge is a nice start.

absolution most games could benefit from mod support let the community create content for the game

I agree.
Modding could give the game a big boost.
It would especially help with improving the desolate campaign map and features.

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H1-3 has its mod tools on steam already

edit: just no workshop yet

Modding means players themselves can fix issues the developer misses or underprioritizes, and Infinite as great as the core gameplay is, is guilty of both.


Then what would you consider the work and mods that people have been doing over on nexus then? :upside_down_face:

I agree tho that there are things about modding this particularly new Halo installment or the MCC that should be acknowledged & reflected in both places but that’s also a “fortnite” level of connected networks and game servers and custom modes and yadda yadda. They just so arnt there yet.

Forge isn’t the same thing. Although forge is awesome, it pales in comparison to what could be done.

For example, I’ve been considering making a mod for Halo reach where you play as a grunt. But you don’t walk around… Oh no… Your methane tank explodes and the escaping methane thrusts you into the air and you can fly around with wonky physics. If you could incorporate it into multiplayer, you could use it as a grunt(duck) hunt. Otherwise turn it into a silly physics based flying game.

You can’t do that in forge

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This is like

@Ben_Mccrash makes a good point though. Have you tried playing classic DayZ in recent years? Almost year to year the game shifts in favor of what the hot mod is at the time and it’s almost impossible to keep up with it unless you’re actively engaged in that community.

You can’t even play the original vanilla version anymore, it’s some other flavor. The problem with relying on the community to keep a game alive is that the community ultimately splinters off and does its own thing and short of keeping up with the fractured community, it makes it difficult to enjoy the experience you want to enjoy.

Even Gmod is a rough experience. Tried joining a few DarkRP server in the pandemic to bide some time with only to find out all the classic mechanics we grew up with are replaced with zoomer-fied variants in every one. Overly complex mechanics made the casual free form experience convoluted and difficult to pick up.

There are very few games in the wild that use a common core of mods. Short of having a centralized database of mods that players have ready access to and can load up and offload as needed (such as how Steam kinda does it), mod browsers simply won’t work.

This. Having access to the tools to create maps and even gamemodes is what keeps games alive after official support dies off. It won’t happen though as it means the company can’t shoo you to their shiny new title.

Its why mcc lacks the ability to host servers on your own machine.

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Tags might help with that.
People could make tags like “Classic”, “Normal”, “Few changes”, “Halo 5”, “Fast”, “Complex”, etc.

Maybe they could make it so the required mods are verified to be safe and then downloaded when you join a modded match, and give a warning if it’s unknown whether the mods are safe or not.

Never said I did.

And I appreciate the maps they can build. Aome have talent. Talking gameplay wise