Bot replacement difficulty improvement

So, I ended up having an ODST teammate in Fiesta, and while it didn’t have a positive K/D at the end of the match, it didn’t do too poorly.
Then again, the rest of my team was about 10 kills above it and had a positive K/D.
Still, I’m glad if the difficulty has been changed for bots, and the bot not having a 0/1+ K/D was nice.

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I don’t think this is new.

I’ve never had anything other than ODST join in fiesta and nothing but noob-level-whatever-they-called join in slayer/quickplay.

I think it’s playlist specific, maybe to give a bit more of a challenge as you may have stronger weapons in fiesta.

Personally I wish they’d just get rid of the bots altogether because if they’re too weak, the team they join complain and if too strong, the opposing team complain.

If they have to be in, it should be equal skill to the leaving player, because presuming the teams were evenly balanced, the bot would keep it evenly balanced but then we’re led back to how poor the SBMM is so it all needs to be fixed together.

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I have a feeling that by Default, when they add a playlist it has Marine Bots already set up, so for example when they added the new Event playlist, it only used Marine difficulty. But, at some point, they updated the difficulty to ODST only in certain playlists.

I’m sure the person in charge of the Bot algorithms is continuing to improve their skill-sets, but I’m hoping they fix them so they are capable of getting headshots. It’s a little bit weird that you can play a match with all Bots and they only get like a 30% headshot rate. It’s amazing that they get so many kills without getting headshots. My feeling on that as well is that 343i stupidly boosted their base damage, but didn’t give them headshot bonus, so body shots for Bots are worth just as much as headshots.

All I know for sure is odst were in the first week of the tenrai fiesta because in one of the first games I played, I saw it was a bot in the name so saved my ammo and went to ninja it. It destroyed me with a commando so I looked at the scoreboard and then saw it was odst.:joy:

Weirdly any level bot seems better the worse the weapon they are holding. They take an hour and a half to get a BR kill but half a second with a crossmap needler or a close range pulse carbine. :roll_eyes:


That’s unfortunate.
I’d really like to see more skilled bots as replacements.

I’d really like that.

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