Bot bootcamp farming

It says alot about this game that so many people are just playing bot bootcamp to farm the 50xp for games played.

Is this really what 343 wants as there vision for halo. The boot camp was here for new players but because the xp gains from playing all the modes are the same people just use it to farm.

Im not even complaining because i have used it to farm. Pop a double xp and your pretty much going up 1 level and hour.

My point with this post is just to show how somthing like the broken progression system has had a negative effect for parts of the game made to introduce new players.

If i was using bootcamp to learn id be so annoyed that players were coming and ending games in less than 3 minutes.

These issues need addressing sooner rather than later or the game will loose players just because the new players wont have anywhere to learn.

This then makes new players get matched with experienced players which leads to frustration and an overall bad time for all involved.

It took less than 12 hours to do all the weekly challanges. Maybe add some of them into the daily rotation to keep players in pvp?

As i said, i have also been farming via bot bootcamp. Its boring, it breaks the experience for new players and most importantly it highlights that the system is broken.

Give us daily challenges that pay out real xp to make it worth playing pvp. If i dont have a friend on im just gonna grind bots. Give me a reason to solo queue for pvp!


The moment where i did a whole bot match while people typed replies…

But surely you’ll end up completing the battle pass way ahead of the season end yet will still need to do the weeklies each week to get the capstones.

You’re just going to end up wasting loads of xp in the final weeks or months of this season?

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

If there was an overall rank progression system in the background like reach/halo 5 I could understand this but as things are I don’t see the point.

I just want to unlock the armour sets

Also i the content offered is so small at the moment its not like there is much else to do. Im not playing the same 6 maps for 6 months. Il move on and come back later

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Ok but you’ll miss the capstones in that time further reducing the unlockable content you’ll have.

I would say just pace yourself. I did the weeklies in a couple of days and went back to mcc.

I’m not going to grind bot matches and waste xp later in the season.

I definitely agree there needs to be more added though.

I don’t mind the concept of bot farming, but there’s a major problem when it’s the best way outside of the stupid challenge system.

Also, more playlist types would be better. If I’m farming exp I’d rather be doing it in something fun like Swat instead of another round of CTF or Oddball.

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As far as the battle-pass goes there’s a Single thing in it that I want. The rest of it is mostly trash to me, with a few extras that are nice to have but wouldn’t really be worth it otherwise. Getting to that one item, or Items as the case may be, is the point of getting the battle pass for some people. It’s why a lot of people miss Reach’s progression, cause people could work towards the Specific things they wanted, instead of grinding through heaps of what, to many players is meaningless junk.

I have always been a collector. I like to have everything just so i have it. Unfortunately infinite makes that kinda impossible.

Complains if you unlock to slow, complaining if its too fast now…