Bosses in Warzone......

There is one thing that plagues the Warzone bosses that has plagued many similar things in so many other games… The team that deals the killing blow gets the credit for the kill. Having things happen this way is normal when you have enemies that have normal amounts of health, like Elites. But when you have enemies like the Warden Eternal who has massive amounts of health, the way it should work is that the team that deals most damage gets the credit. I just lost a game because majority of our team was fighting the Warden Eternal yet the enemy team got the kill because a single enemy with a Battle Rifle managed to deal the killing blow. It was incredibly frustrating.

What bothers me is when you can deal most damage to a boss and not get credit for it, like i waste a req to kill it and not get the points for dealing 75% of the damage to it? Bothers me. Really rustles my jimmies

Bad design isnt it, i just aim to kill there team attacking boss

Vary much dislike that choice