Boss Fight Balancing?

This video on YouTube shows a way to kill bosses easily: /watch?v=oKY_ALCtogE

I think there’s a problem with balancing?
This boss fight took 3 seconds.
Just pointing it out :blush:

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No way around that unless they remove the ability to call in power weapons, vehicles, and / or marines from the game, but hey, that’s for it being an open-world game.

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lol yeah I guess you gotta strategize a bit to get all of this together for the boss fight, but it’s still a little wild. I understand that they shot a guy driving a ghost with 5 rocket launchers but it was supposed to be a boss lmao. I think they can remedy this for real tho. Make a Boss Shield.

Boss Shield - Cannot drop by more than 20% every second. This would make it so that the rockets would hit him, but it would take at least 5 seconds to get through his Boss Shield first.

I don’t think making the bosses more spongy like that would do it. If you’re still going to fire upon them at range with a tank or razorback marines with overpowered weapons, it’d just be more of a slog, but particularly any difficult. It’s not like the AI knows how to take cover very well; nothing that the bosses offer to force the player to get in close based on their design or the environment that they’re placed in.

The main reason that this game is so easy on Legendary during the more traditional encounters is because that you’re able to destroy everything from a distance rather quickly without the risk of being destroyed yourself as it seems that it’s only really associated in close quarters combat.

A Boss Shield is only there to prevent high DPS strategies like Rocket Spamming.
Other tactics wouldn’t even notice a difference during battle.
I just feel like it would help because yes, it’s fun to blow up a boss in 3 seconds, but it makes the challenge of fighting them non-existent.
Having to break his shield down bit by bit even with Power Weapons makes it more fun for anyone playing.