Alright, we all know about certain instances in the Halo series where we came across more difficult enemies or important people that we just got to kill. We killed Guilty Sparks, one of the Prophets, that special brute in Halo 2, some Scarabs, Gueta and a Covenant mothership. How about some insane boss battles? Where it’s actually extremely hard, takes a good amount of time, and requires insane skills to kill on legendary. Where if you’re actually really good, you can take it out in a good amount of time or if you’re a safe guy that likes to take it slow, can steadily do it. Where you’ll die in a hit or really fast if you make a mistake. Where you’ll rage when you die, but have the absolute utmost feeling of pride and excitement when you finally kill that boss. If the campaign isn’t completely linear, maybe you could come across some huge creatures or enemies that give you some armor as a reward for killing them on legendary. Boss fights are pretty sick in my opinion, what are your thoughts?

I was never much of a fan of such things, I always preferred large scale vehicle action.

But punching Regret in the head over and over again was very amusing.

I just replayed the series to get myself ready for play CE over again and I gotta say I loved the boss battles in Halo 2. The Prophet and Tartarus fights were very fun, although it wouldn’t work on every level of Halo 4. Just one or two would work fine, depending on the story.

How about large-scale vehicular fights against a large, difficult boss?

if their are boss battles in Halo 4 most likley you will be facing a Precursor

You mean we have to fight some guy whose huge, 8 ft tall,with 9x overshields? Because that’s the closest boss battle I can see happening, unless you want to add a Scarab.

No, more like a 50 ft guy that is a natural creature or an enemy that deals tons of damage.

I loved boss battles in Halo 2 If they’re in Halo 4, great! Most FPSs have some kind of boss battles, so I’d assume they’d be in there somewhere.

nah i dont really like boss battles, wouldn’t mind if they were in but i’d rather not have them


Boss battles are good when they work and I’m yet to see them work in an FPS other than Metroid Prime. Halo 2 and 3 convinced me that Halo shouldn’t have traditional boss fights, rather it should continue with things like Scarab battles; large, powerful enemies with multiple ways of beating them.

I love a good boss battle but I don’t think Halo is the universe for them! I’d rather stick to fighting scarabs and taking down other big ships and what not.

(When you say boss battle I think of something like Link vs Gannondorf)

A precursor boss battle will most likely happen, if the story pans out the way we think it might. I would be incredibly disappointed if we killed the mighty precursor by pushing a button —> cutscene.

Not to mention the awesome weekly challenge that could be “BEAT THE TIMELESS ONE LASO” for a gajillion credits

Loved fighting Tartarus and Regret, I’d love to see more bosses

Meh, im not really a fan of boss battles in first person shooters.

boss battles are very fun but in halo they arent a major part of the campaign formula. ya it will boss battles will probaly be in h4 in maybe 2 levels but i would like more boss battles in firefight at the end of each set or something.

Nah, the Halo 2 boss battle was bad enough lol.

I’d be alright with that, if there was only one boss battle in the whole game.

A boss in a FPS usually translates to;

Overpowered Bullet Sponge.

So no. Though I enjoyed Halo 2’s Scarab destroying antics.

I dont think it would hurt seeing at least a couple of bosses sometimes.