Boring Bulletin

All there was was PAX dates, controls, and stuff we already knew about… I was hoping for some weapons or new vehicles but it’s okay. Can’t wait for PAX!

The pic at the bottom has me intrigued almost looks like Blood Gulch

Until some crazy mathematics or photoshop guy reverses the filter on the classified image.

I’m guessing it’s a new Promethean vehicle.

It was nice to see all of the final button layouts, looks like I’ll either get used to crouching with B or I’ll get used to Bumper Jumper

Considering PAX is oonly two days away(depending on location) you couldnt have really expected much.

All the big news will come this weekend.

Well we have been getting a ton of info in the past bulletins… Thanks for letting me know that its out!

2 to 3 more days, and we’ll be rolling around in info.