Bored to death; add new maps

Most fun I’ve had playing multiplayer since BF3. Best Halo since Halo 3 imo…but the lack of maps is killing me

343 needs to make some changes, and FAST. Don’t wait for COD, Fallout, & Battlefront to drop so you can sit there like “omg how did this happen?!?” and please do something about this ASAP. I’m Onyx in FFA, and Platinum in Team Arena/Slayer. At the rate I’m playing, I’m afraid my boredom with the maps will outweigh my desire to rank up. And that’s honestly the only thing keeping me playing right now…my competitive drive to ascend the ranks and that alone. From my perspective, it just feels like 343 is sitting back, crunching numbers, and waiting to see how much money they can make from REQ Packs before they release their next Halo or cash grabbing idea. They preach all this ‘for the players’ and their devs being ‘Halo fans to the core’ or whatever but they definitely aren’t looking out for us, the consumer. & Idc about the DLC being free. I’d happily dish out $10-$15 if a map pack were to drop today

go find some friends, then you’ll have fun.
maps are great and 15 new ones already confirmed…

I wish they’d put more maps in the Slayer playlist. I played all day yesterday and almost every game was on Fathom XD

I have 4 friends IRL on the game and a few more planning on hopping on. we’ve played warzone, arena, and even customs. thing is, each playlist is restricted to a certain number of maps. So the game might have like 12 maps in total or whatever…but Slayer, for example, might only have 5 playable maps. At this point, I know most of these maps far too well and it just detracts from the fun. You’ll find redundancy in every FPS. But 5 maps? That means on average, in 20 matches I’d have played each map 4 times. That’s way too much for my liking, and it’s detracting from my experience

game is out 2 days. just wait some weeks

Oh I’m patient enough to wait. My gripe is that they should’ve included more at launch. Even if I was playing 8 different maps instead of 5 that’d be an improvement.

They’ll add stuff, Weekend Social is coming, I seriously don’t understand why you guys can’t just wait a bit. Games always release with a bit of lacking content unless it’s an MMO or RPG. I’m also fairly certain they’ll add more maps to each playlist.

Pretty sure new maps will be released in DLCs soon (maybe not as soon as we’d like but nonetheless).

What does playing with friends have to do with the amount of available maps?

The game seems to stick me on the same map 5 times in a row all the time as well.

Yeah, I couldn’t tell you guys how many times I played on The Rig.

It’s the worst when you just get done playing on a map you dislike and on top of losing that match, you get put in that map again the game after.

The free dlc is coming to add more maps and gametypes including btb and forge.
Give it time.

This halo would probably be the best halo since halo 3 but the lack of content effects the game in such a way that alot of players have felt just becauaw the game mode they had got all hyped over about was released with only 3 maps. It gets really boring and annoying , especially when 1 of those maps is just down to earth horrible. They really need to do something about this the lack on content before other big named games like black ops 3 , battlefront , fall out 4 , rbs siege , come out , the will loose lots of players especially the new comers to those other bignamed games.