Booze Bros Gaming Halo: MCC 4v4 League

Booze Bros Gaming Halo: MCC League

Please note that we are currently only seeking initial interest for this league

Booze Bros Gaming, in partnership with the Machinima Network, are hosting their first ever Halo League! You might have seen our Halo 4 BroDown Doubles or Ultimate Spartan Challenge tournaments on YouTube, but if not then now is your chance to get with some of your bros for our first ever 4v4 Halo League which is looking to start shortly after the release of Halo: Master Chief Collection on November 11.

Here are some details (more details will be released once initial interest has been shown):

League Format:
• The regular season of the league will last 7 weeks, every team will play every other team once.
• Teams will play one match each week against one team consisting of 4 games (2 Team Slayer & 2 CTF).
• After the 7 week regular season, the team finishing in 1st will automatically be placed in the grand final, the teams placing 2nd and 3rd will play one playoff match against each other with the winner moving on to face the 1st place team in the grand final. The playoff match and the grand final will be shown on the Booze Bros Gaming YouTube channel.

• Matches will consist of 4 games, 2 Team Slayer and 2 Capture the Flag. Team Slayer games will be played to 50, CTF games will be played to 5. Maps will be chosen by Booze Bros Gaming and posted on the league home page one week before that match week starts.
• League scoring will be based on the traditional football (soccer) scoring system where 3 points are granted to a winner, 1 point to each team for a draw, and 0 for a loss. I.E. - If your team wins 3/4 games then you win the match and earn 3 points; if your team wins 2/4 games then each team will be given 1 point.
• Scores from every game need to be submitted by team captains for tiebreaking purposes. These scores will be verified by Booze Bros Gaming. Due to CTF games only being played to 5 and Team Slayer games being played to 50, CTF scores will be manually multiplied by 5 by Booze Bros Gaming so that differences in CTF scores more closely represent differences in the Team Slayer scores to alleviate one game type being more important than another. I.E. - a CTF score of 5-3 will be made into 25-15 for tiebreaking purposes. The score of 5-3 will be submitted by the team captain, the math will be done by Booze Bros Gaming, NOT team captains.

• 8 team limit, first teams to register are first in the league.
• Teams can register 6 different players in case a normal team member can’t play, but each team only plays with 4 players. Once a player is registered, they CANNOT be taken off of the team to make room for someone else. You MUST be registered before your game to be eligible to play. NO GUESTS ALLOWED. All players must have their own unique gamertag.
• Each team will designate a captain. It is this captain’s job to contact the captain of their opposing team each week to schedule when to play. Each Captain will also be asked to create an account on the web-based league page to submit scores from your matches. Matches will be verified and if caught submitting incorrect scores, points will be docked.
• Captains will also be the only players allowed to send or receive correspondence from Booze Bros Gaming about any inquiries team members might have or issues that arise.

Prizes (please note that prizes have yet to be decided, but will be decided after interest has been shown from teams to join the league):
• Prizes will be given to every registered member of both teams that reach the grand final. Of course, a much better prize will be given to the winners of the grand final.
• Participation prizes will be given out at the end of the season to every registered member of every team that participates in every week of play throughout the season. This will hopefully give teams an incentive to show up and play every week regardless of how well or poorly their team is performing.
*Past prizes have included Turtle Beach gaming headsets, Halo DLC, and KontrolFreek thumbstick extenders.

Contact Information:
If this sounds like something you would be interested in or have any questions in regards to the league, please contact us at so we can get a good read on if we have enough interest to make this happen. We aren’t looking for full team registration or anything like that right now, BUT if you email us saying that you are interested in forming a team for the league, you will be the first players contacted about submitting a team when we decide to go live.

Hope to hear from many of our fellow Spartans!

Booze Bros.

If anyone wants to form a team, contact me. I’m totally in on this

My team is up for this. Just need to know details concerning dates.