Booting system is BROKEN!!

I don’t know why, but if I make a accident/mistake (splatt, plasma grenade stuck, etc) I get immideally booted, but then one clearly betray me he can’t be booted :frowning:

I was playing a game on Shatter, we were nearing victory and I was going to splatter an enemy. A teammate jumped before me soo I accidently killed/splatter him. And I immedially got booted. Well he had all right to do that.

The match after that my brother played split screen with me and we played same map. Now I got the mantis first and then a teammate got sour for it and started to EMP me and throwed plasma granades at me to near death. A enemy came and boarded me. But my teammate killed me before the enemy planted/meeled me.

I couln’t boot him soo me and my brother was sour about that. My brother meeled him soo his shield dissapeared and did soo untill he killed my brother. That happend twice and no booting there ether.

Soo why can’t we boot these players why we got booted for accidents?!?

LOL there is a booting system? which game do u play? i never get a booting option when i was betrayled or was booted when i betrayled (that did not happend porpose).

I play Halo 4. When I got booted there came a message that said I got booted for betrayling.

I know what you mean. Makes you wonder if they are intentionally circumventing the system in some way.

I made a forum for players to -Yoink- about this sort of thing all they want without rules for calling out players and such.

Bit quiet right now as I just made it, but if anyone wants to rant, go for it.

i have never been booted, nor have i had the option

You must have betrayed a lot for people to get the option to boot you straight away. Your betrayal record can’t be very good.

I only betray if someone is shooting my Mantis on purpose. I have never been booted though.

I have been betrayed by others and have never had the option to boot them either.

I’ve only had the option to boot someone once, at the same time i’ve betrayed plenty of people on accident and surprisingly never been booted before.

I’ve NEVER been booted in this game, and i committed multiple accidental betrayals since D1. It works.

(at least compared to Reach/3, in which i’ve been boted a lot for very few betrayals)

Funny as it sounds, I’ve been booted once for betraying and it was the first time I had betrayed anyone in Halo 4. As for my betrayal record in previous Halo’s, lets just say Halo 4 was the first time I had EVER been booted for betraying. I know it sounds unbelievable and made up, but it is true. Sure I accidentally betrayed people in past Halo’s like everyone else, not often though, but it does happen.

Nearly never betrayed anyone as long I’m not driving the ghost :stuck_out_tongue:

But I havn’t got the chance to boot someone who is a total jerk. Havn’t meet many bad/betrayal players but they exist and they ussually survive from booting.

This is like real life. You drive very well but get arrested becous you drove a bit too fast becous your late. While the other guy who trim his MC and drive way WAY more then he should/can is never geting arrested >:(

This definitely needs to be addressed. You can stay in the entire game and not move. :=( It ruins games…