I am not exactly happy with the players playing Halo: Reach. When I get a popular vehicle other players don’t like me having it so they run in front of me then because the wraith is very hard to stop so I kill them and then they boot me. I’m not very happy on how this system works and I would like to know what other players think of it.

I would like to know if anyone else is having the same problem and if the developers are going to change anything.

Tell me in the poll what you think. Does it need to change some how or just leave it the way it is?

This is Halo: Reach you are talking about right?

You want the booting system changed on a game that will mean nothing to anyone in around 6 months. At this point I’d just close your eyes and wait.

I doubt anyone from 343 is even going to touch that problem, Reach isn’t worth it.

The booting system works as intended…

> 1 betrayal isn’t enough, on its own, to prompt your teammate to boot you.
> Every player has a value that tracks the damage they’ve done to their teammates, and the system that governs that value takes into account many things. The value has a threshold, and if you commit a betrayal that pushes you over the threshold or if you are over the threshold and commit a betrayal your teammate will be prompted to boot you. The value is in a constant state of degradation but it decays slowly and carries over between games. This is done to ensure that a problematic player doesn’t have their slate wiped clean and regain the ability to commit excessive flagrant actions against their allies every time they load into a game. A player may have two or three betrayals in a game and not get booted, but when that’s the case there is a good chance a teammate in the next game will be prompted to boot them on their first betrayal in that new game.
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There ain’t much you can do about it now. Here’s a scenario that happened to me. I was playing Invasion: Boneyard. We get to the third stage as the spartans and are defending the core. I grab a spartan laser and a sniper rifle from the weapons cache. I go to snip on the ledge. My teammate comes behind me and betrays me with his shotgun and takes my weapons. The next time I respawn, I betray him and I get booted.

I agree that it isn’t the best system, but like Moa said, it works the way it was intended to work. Besides, it’s only a few months until Halo 4 (which I can just about guarantee will have a different system), and I don’t think they could change it even if they wanted to. It’s part of Reach, so I don’t think they can change it.

I believe that this topic was already discussed at length:

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