Booting players

I don’t like how in some game types like Capture the Flag, you can’t boot players for team killing you. It’s frustrating and I want to be able to boot team killers on every game type(expect grifball). I also think it’s annoying on game types like Big Team Battle, someone will kill you on purpose, and you won’t be given to option to boot them. But, you will kill someone on accident and they will boot you. Please 343, in your next update, focus on punishing trolls. It makes the game better for everybody. And if you are a team killer who thinks this is an idiotic idea and it’s only fun when you troll other players, please, play Call of Duty. There are much more kids who play that, so you’ll get a better reaction.
Who agrees that booting should be tuned?



Betray the same player 2 times or different players 3 times (doesn’t matter if you betray intentionally or not), and you automatically get booted.

Very simple solution:

Remove friendly fire.

> Very simple solution:
> Remove friendly fire.

Just for slayer gametypes. But it NEEDS to be enabled in CTF and objective.

I don’t know if removing friendly fire would be a good solution but I agree that there needs to be something done about the team killing f-tards.

Certain game types like Griffball sometimes you can’t help it but when someone gets upset that you took a vehicle on a big team map they wanted and they stick you that’s a problem.

I also wouldn’t want everyone having the ability to boot on a team kill if the kill was entirely by accident. It happens and sometimes just can’t be avoided. I like the above suggestion of multiple tk’s prompting a boot option.