Booting absent players

I love this game, but the most annoying thing about it is absent players. I don’t know what drives people to start a game of CTF and decide in the middle of it they need to step away and make a sandwich or do whatever. I can’t tell you how many times the team that I’m on is getting pummeled only to realize that two of my teammates have not moved from their initial spawn points. Or vice versa my team is dominating but its because half of the other team is AWOL.

Is there any way that we can have the game boot these AWOL players? Maybe set a timer after each spawn and if the player is unresponsive for 60 sec they are replaced with someone else in matchmaking. Or maybe we can make it the teams responsiblity by giving them the ability to tag a player who is not playing, and after a set amount of time or number of tags they are booted from the game. It seems like an easy fix.

great ideas! that really annoys me as well, and we are not alone I’m sure.

I had a game with a different problem. we had a player who was hiding on the back of the map in Solace, and playing with their Hologram… over and over, just having the hologram run about 20 ft, and then redoing it.

I finally tried dragging opponents to that spot, so maybe they would fight… nope.

but back on topic - yes, i think that would be great.

I would love this idea. But only if those AFK players get replaced.

If someone is idle in a game for like two minutes, that person should just be auto-booted and given a 10 minute ban.