booted for Team killing when you defend your self

I have had this done to me before, a team member kills me over and over yet i got no boot option, so i get angry and kill him once, then all of a sudden I get booted by him. Now tell me how is this even remotely fair or even right? Does it have to do with a mod or a hack or what?

I’ve wondered about this myself. I’ve seen players who are betraying everyone, including me, and not get booted once. So I betray him once, and I get booted.

exactly I do not understand how they get away with it. You think it might be a mod or something?

File a report with the “submit player review” to avoid that player. Move on to file complaint for cheating. In game mechanics are never expected to be perfect, and they do work 99% of the time, but if it comes down to it: do not betray them. simply wait the match out, though it may be difficult, and report them…I swear this is why they need a description section or at least an “Other” category for those complaints to give players a chance to explain the circumstances…

> exactly I do not understand how they get away with it. You think it might be a mod or something?

Possibly. That was my first guess when I first experienced that.

There isn’t a mod to avoid being booted, the boot system is just really flawed for Halo: Reach.

I rarely instigate “Friendly Fire” or commit “Betrayal’s.” If a team mate starts plugging shots into me and becomes irritating, I do my utmost to avoid them. Although, I have been seen taking long distance shots into them when they are in a fight with an opponent.

Times when I get irritated with team mates:

  1. On a straight out betrayal for power weapon.
  2. When in a 1v1 with an opponent, I win the challenge, and my teammate takes the power weapon.
  3. Arriving at spawn for a power weapon and a team mates spawns next to you and takes the weapon.
  4. When a team mate is camping for a power weapon with over 30 seconds before spawning.

I met with people like that, thing is, one was in a game of invasion. He killed me, I got the option to boot, and as much as I would have loved to, I thought about the team and kept the abomination in. Then I got revenge be cause he kept it up. Strangely enough though, I wasn’t booted. Breakneck though, some jerk killed me with a Sniper Rifle so I stick him, BOOM, I got booted.

Hey, on Halo 2 for PC, I killed the server host once, and he boots me, after HE was winning.

The betrayal system is broken or flawed or biased, it just doesn’t work.