Does the game tell you when your boosts are used? Because I’ve had some boosts last for multiple matches without them seeming to be used up, then when I switch gametype or play campaign they disappear without me getting the benefit of the boost.
Am I the only one experiencing this? I’ve had jackpots and bonuses just not work.

I had the same question too with no clear cut answer.

You click on them before match and a yellow mark will come up on the top left of the card. It will be used up for that game and you can see how much it gave you by clicking the rank section of the carnage report. It will also continue to list the same item before game but if you hit A you can see its still used up after game.

They are one per game sorta things. They just don’t disappear after evergame. It gives false hope sometimes. My real issue is that I don’t get any boosts… except for like one every 10 packs.


I believe Boosts are one-time game use. Problem is they keep staying up there even when I have no more boosts left, leading me to believe I’m still getting bonuses unless if you have multiple it keeps using them.

343 should clarify on this or fix the bug.